Compare And Contrast Trifles And A Jury Of Her Peers

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In 1916, Susan Glaspell wrote the play Trifles. The following year, she wrote it as the short-story “A Jury of Her Peers.” The story and play are about a woman who is charged with her husband’s murder and a group of people including neighbors, the town sheriff, and the county attorney. Although Trifles was changed from a play to a story, it and “A Jury of Her Peers” can be compared and contrasted in many ways including the details, the formatting, and the text itself. Trifles is a play revolving around a murder. In Trifles, there are details, just not as many as there are in “A Jury of Her Peers.” The details in Trifles are lacking, not because Susan Glaspell did not put details in it, but because the details are in the stage directions and the stuff the narrator says. However, the small lack of details is compensated for by the level of suspense the play builds. Throughout the entire play, the reader is left on edge wondering if [insert name here] murdered her husband, only to find out in the end that she did. Plays generally build suspense, but not because it is a play. The suspense is built by the interaction between the characters and watching the plot unfold. Another thing that differs Trifles from “A Jury of Her Peers” is the formatting of the play. The play is formatted like plays typically are. All the background is at the beginning, followed by dialogue, and mixed with…show more content…
Going back to the lack of details in Trifle, “A Jury of Her Peers” is more detailed overall just by virtue of the fact that it is a short story. It being a short story allows more room for details than a play would. In addition to the amount of details, the suspense level is slightly different. Due to the amount of details in “A Jury of Her Peers,” this gives the reader more to imagine whilst reading the short story thus building suspense. Additionally, the formatting of “A Jury of Her Peers” is different than that of
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