Compare And Contrast Tragic Hero And Macbeth

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In my definition a tragic hero and An anti-hero are kind of similar. They are both flawed hero lead astray. They both can be on the side of good and the side of bad depending on their ego. On the other hand Webster 1913 dictionary define villain as a vile, wicked, extremely depraved, a scamp, scoundrel, and capable and guilty of great crimes. We all know from reading the first couple of acts that Macbeth shows some qualities of villain, but not clearly a villain. The only quality of a villain that we really see right now is that he is guilty for killing king Duncan cold blooded while sleeping. The darkness hasn 't yet completely enter his heart, so to me a would define Macbeth as a tragic hero. In the beginning of the play we see Macbeth…show more content…
We learned that Macbeth don 't lie or cheat , but he wants the stuff that don 't belong to him and he wouldn 't do what is necessary to get them. His wife said he is too nice to get his hands dirty. Macbeth wife is more like a villain then Macbeth is. Everything she does is all what you would see in a villain. She was the one who planned to kill the King not Macbeth because he didn 't have a good poker face, more reason why he 's a tragic hero. Macbeth wife control him through the whole plan. Macbeth didn 't want to kill the King, he was scared until his wife questioned his manhood. This is our biggest weakness as men when somebody question our men hood we just go crazy. We might know that what we are about to do is wrong, but we 'll still go through with it because we don 't want to look weak, this is actually what Macbeth did. He went through with the plan to kill King Duncan after he had the Pep Talk with wife. His wife was willing to kill the King without any remorse at all, but she said that the King looked like his old man so she didn 't do it. The King has never done anything bad to Macbeth and his wife, but he good to them. Power is an incredible thing, it will make a person do the craziest thing that he or she never imagine. With Macbeth wife that 's another thing, she would do anything to get the power she…show more content…
We as human have always been eager to get more. We are never satisfied with what we have no matter how big it is. With Macbeth is the same thing, he 's not satisfied with the titles he got, he wants more. If he would 've been happy with what he got then he would have avoided all of this. I think if you put one of us in his shoes with all of these things around us I think would would made the same choice he did. For example in the Bible Adam and Eve eat the fruits together because the devil convince Eve and eve convinced Adam. We as men tend to always listen to our wives because of the love we have for them. Most of the time it might not be the right thing, but we’ll still do it no matter what. When we’re in love or threatened we don 't think clearly. The smallest things will mess his up. For example if one of your friends call you weak. You would get pumped up and call them out on some kind of strength test or you would do everything to prove him wrong. To men manhood is really a big deal we always want to be know as the greater not the lesser. When we are treated like lesser that gets us mad and that 's our weakness. Macbeth wife knew the right bottom to push to get Macbeth pumped up and ready to go kill the King. If he would 've chickened out then that right there would 've been another problem. To conclude this easy i believe Macbeth is a tragic hero so far in the story, but I also think he can
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