Compare And Contrast Three Models Of Health

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In this assignment I am going to discuss what being healthy is to me, I will discuss three models of health, Biomedical, Bio sociological and Holistic. I am going to compare the three models discussing the positive and negative impacts that they have on health and society. I will compare what health is to other organizations such as the NHS (national health service) and WHO (world health organization) applying them to a model of health. I will begin by discussing what I believe being healthy is. To me being healthy means eating a balanced diet, feeling physically well, mentally well, being well rested, and feeling happy. I try to eat balanced diet minimizing sugars this is because I suffer with migraines if I consume a high amount of sugar. This then has an impact on my everyday life as I am unable to do many activities on the days where I have a migraine. Being healthy by feeling physically well means that I am healthy enough that day to go and enjoy my horses, being able to ride them and being able to compete them. A few years ago I broke my ankle in two places after a riding accident and if I ride for longer than I normally do, the following day my ankle will ache and prevent me from riding that day, also because of the migraines I occasionally suffer with affect my abilities to be able to ride. Being able to go and ride my horses is something I enjoy, which I believe to be a large part in me feeling healthy as I feel it also keeps me mentally well this is because it’s time for me as it keeps me relaxed and content. Having a balance in life, between work, rest and recreation also keeps me feeling healthy. If I have had enough sleep of a night I am much more energetic, I enjoy my job even though it can be stress full and the... ... middle of paper ... ...use. In conclusion I feel each approach has important influencing factors and equally contribute to health care and keeping society healthy. Without each of the three models of health care, health care providers would not function at the standard they do today, I feel this is because each model influences the other. Health care provided is governed not just by a medical approach but also by the personal opinion of the doctor, nurse or individual providing care. If a doctor believes in the holistic approach they might encourage patients to try holistic treatments, compared to a doctor who does not believe in the holistic approach who would not include holistic treatment into his patients treatment programme unless requested by the patient. This is beginning to change as society becomes more aware and interested in their health and treatment options available to them.
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