Compare And Contrast The United States And The Roman Empire

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Yes I do agree with this statement. The United States and the Roman Empire share many similarities. For a time, the Roman Empire was the main superpower in the world. Similarly, for a majority of its history the United States has been one of the more powerful countries. This unfortunately has changed in the past few decades. Throughout the 1900’s the United States was the leading country in multiple areas such as: science, education, military power, economics, and various other endeavors. During that period if the United States decided to accomplish a task, its citizens were able to band together and accomplish it. This allowed for astonishing scientific achievements like the atomic bomb or the polio vaccine, the creation of the United Nations, and even putting a man on the moon. But as this country has slowly spiraled downhill due economic crises, social…show more content…
In The Governance of God, Christian priest Salvian of Marseilles theorizes that the unjust taxation system attributed to the downfall. Salvian explains that when government officials rig the “public taxes into the benefit of their own gain” it drives poor, Roman citizens “to such a state of mind that they do not wish to be Romans”. This ultimately leads to these “Bagaudae (peasant insurgents)” defecting from Roman rule and “fleeing to the enemy (Goths or other barbaric tribes)”, which played a major part in the downfall of the Roman Empire (Salvian, p159). In the United States, the taxation rate is adjusted and based on ones income, i.e. individuals who make more money are taxed at a higher rate. Even though the rich are taxed at a higher rate, overall poor individuals pay a higher ratio of their income. This leads to the rich still keeping a substantial amount of their money, while the poor are left with barely enough to survive. If this cycle continues in the United States it will lead us to another economic crisis and

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