Compare And Contrast The Two Greatest Presidents Of The Progressive Era

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The two greatest Presidents of the Progressive Era were Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. Lasting from 1985 to 1920 the Progressive movement in America endeavored to alter corruption in government, social reform, and corporate power (597). Each President fulfilled Progressive goals in part by enacting regulations, promoting social efficiency, government reform and restricting abuse of power and foreign influence (599). Roosevelt and Wilson resonated the underlying theme of the Progressive Era through domestic and foreign policy.

Domestic Policy for both Roosevelt and Wilson exemplified the protection of all classes. Roosevelt Administration (1904 -1908) operated under his belief that the government should act as an umpire (618). Instructing
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Expanding government ‘s involvement in conservation Roosevelt tripled the number and acreage of national forests while creating the U.S. Forest service in 1908 (622). Wilson Administration (190 - 19 expanded the government’s regulatory powers. To ensure open competition he supported the passage of the Clayton Ant-Trust Act in 1914 and a bill creating the Federal Trade Commission. The Federal Trade Commission looked out for citizens; interests by monitoring price discrimination and exempted unions from ant-trust laws (625). Breaking the power over the money supply, Wilson sponsored the Federal Reserve Act (1913). Wilson and congress created the Underwood Tariff of 1913. Individuals were taxed to replace revenues due to the loss of tariffs on imported goods. Supporting the Federal Farm Loan Act in 1916, Wilson made it possible for farmers to borrow money from federally backed banks. Winning the election in 1916 Wilson was forced to focus on issues associated with World War I. The war required more government control of the economy (627). Representative that government could enact legislation, enforce legislation and hold business accountable to the best interest of the

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