Compare And Contrast The Revolutionary War And The Regulator Movement

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Before America's independence, American colonists were treated extremely poorly. Citizens were given few rights, had outrageous taxes, and unfair trade restrictions. The Revolutionary War was not the first time these citizens fought back. There was a movement that was a precursor to the Revolutionary War, called the Regulator Movement, that occurred in North Carolina. This movement occurred in the late-1700s, and is extremely similar to the Revolutionary War that occurred a few years later. Both the Revolutionary War and the Regulator Movement were fueled by the same socioeconomic issues and religious beliefs, and both have key spots in America's fight for independence. The North Carolina Regulator Movement was a rebellion against local…show more content…
Husband led the movement of the North Carolina backcountry citizens against corruption in their local government, which was known to be corrupt. As historian William S. Powell states, "Elections for the assembly were conducted by the sheriff but with little or no supervision of the polls. Influential men generally brought out a candidate and assured his election." (pg. 6). Many government officials had been appointed by England rather than elected, which created a sense of distrust between the government and the citizens of North Carolina. A new governor was later appointed, and he allowed no communication between the rebels and himself. The new governor, named William Tryon, was known for the creation of Tryon's Palace, his huge home funded by colonist's taxes. Tryon's poor use of colonists' money further fueled the rebellion. After several protests, citizens began to threaten local government and mobs formed against government workers, including officer Edmund Fanning. Fanning held several offices and had been appointed by the state, not the people. He was eventually found by mobs, attacked, and his house
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