Compare And Contrast The Pluralist Model Of Democracy

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knowledge; it still gives the citizens the opportunity to vote actually even William E. Hudson pointed this out in the book which I would like to reference “to the pluralist, elections provide an opportunity for even apathetic and passive citizens to choose their political leaders” (14). But now if we are going to speak on why many citizens are apathetic we must look at this from another form of democracy, which is the participatory democracy model. The next model of democracy I would like to speak about is much different from the rest, although many of these forms of democracy are similar and share similar ideas, this one may be very different, but also the same depending on how you look at this form of democracy. The fourth model of democracy…show more content…
The protective model is a great theory of a model of democracy because its worth od democracy, also many theorist agree that “democratic institutions are thought to provide the best protection for individual liberties, particularly economic ones such as the right to individual control of property” (18). Another interesting form of democracy is developmental democracy. What is so interesting about this model of democracy is that many theorist of democracy agree that every citizen would need knowledge and civic virtue as well. The pluralist model of democracy is great because its theorist believe that “social diversity and system stability” (18) encourages changes within democratic institutions. My personal favorite model of democracy is the participatory democracy. Why this form of democracy is my favorite is because it allows citizens of the country to vote on issues that directly affect their daily…show more content…
I suppose my opinion is a bit bias because I come from a country that once used to be a communist country. As I stated in the beginning of the essay I am from Iraq, my family came to the United States in 1994. In Iraq we did not have much freedom, so when we came to America it was a culture shock to us how much freedom and free speech we’ve ever had. I feel as if my family is living the true American dream because we came to this country with nothing, but the clothing on our backs and now we are one big happy family. The model I feel best describes our American democracy is the developmental democracy, because it, “widely embraced in American society, not only in civics textbooks but also by such “good government” groups as the League of Women Voters. “Good citizens” are knowledgeable about, interested in, and active in government and civic affairs”

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