Compare And Contrast The Interlopers And Story Of An Hour

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Comparing and Contrasting ‘Interlopers’ by Kaki and ‘Story of an Hour’, by Kate Chopin

It is important to note how each individual story is similar and different, because it allows us to understand how the emotions in the book affect us. ‘The Interlopers’ and ‘Story of an Hour’ are two of my favorite short stories. They are both very different, and have their own unique style. They are, also, somewhat similar. This is because the authors of the book are both similar and different, both in their backgrounds and personalities. In this essay I will be comparing and contrasting both short stories from my own point of view.

In “Interlopers’ the setting is much different than Story of an Hour’s setting. For one, in Saki’s The Interlopers
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One is that both of the stories end with the death of the main characters. In The Interlopers this is proved to be true as the author writes that wolves ungraciously approach the two trapped men(3). In ‘Story of an Hour’ Mrs. Mallard dies because of of disappointment and of heart disease--or as the doctor put it, “the joy that kills”(2.) Another similarity is that in both stories the antagonist is the reason for the situational irony at the end of each story. In ‘The Interlopers’ the wolves, being the newest antagonist are killed the Ulrich and Georg right after they defeated the late antagonist, which the inner-conflict of both men. In Story of an Hour, Mr. Mallard walks in the door after everyone thought he was dead, and Mrs. Mallard’s heart was lifted in spirits that she was no longer bound to him or so she thought. Mrs. Mallard’s death was thought by the other characters in the story to be the result of heart disease, but because the Doctor says she died of the joy that kills, the reader knows that she died because Mr. Mallard burst of Mrs. Mallard’s impression of…show more content…
For example, Kate Chopin used a different setting than Saki because she wanted her readers to see marriage in the same way she did. Had she used Saki’s setting of a stormy windy night in mountains, instead of patching blue sky and chipper birds, she probably would have confused the readers; a stormy night in mountains would have given the reader an impression that the death of a spouse was sad and lonesome, which would be confusing because later Chopin would go on to describe Mrs. Mallard’s lifted spirits. Imagine how The Interlopers would have turn out if the men were hunting each other out in an English area on a day of barely cloudy skies and chirping sparrows. This would probably change the entire story, because there would barely be an excuse for a tree falling down on the men, trapping them into forgiving each other and later being prey of wolves. This would have also lessened the suspense of the story and the feel that something dark was to occur. In Story of an Hour, Chopin has one main character. This allows her to only give one perspective, which allows the context to be more about how marriage can be a burden. Had Chopin used Mrs. Mallard and Mr. Mallard as the two main characters--or any other character in the story for