Compare And Contrast The Gift Of The Magi And The Necklace

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346 words

Mathilde Loisel from “the Necklace” by guy de Maupassant and Della Dillingham Young from “the gift of the magi” by O. henry are quite alike and different. One was selfish and wanted expensive things, she wanted to be rich. The other was poor, but she was happy with what she had. Yet they both faced money issues, so they sacrificed what they valued to earn money.
Mathilde Loisel was middle class. She was not poor, nor rich. She was sad all the time because she didn’t have expensive things like the rich people have. She would dream about having them. In the story, “the Necklace” guy de Maupassant wrote, “she thought of the long salons fitted up with ancient silk.” When her husband M. Loisel got her an invitation to the event at his work, she

In this essay, the author

  • Compares mathilde loisel from guy de maupassant and della dillingham young from "the gift of the magi" by o. henry. both were selfish and wanted expensive things, while the other was poor.
  • Analyzes how mathilde loisel, a middle-class woman, was sad because she didn't have expensive things like the rich people have. she was happy after her husband gave up the money for her.
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