Compare And Contrast The Foreign Language Of English, English And English

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Compare and contrast the way foreign languages (i.e., English) are taught in two different systems of education.
How can a learner learn better? This question leads to many answers so the method of teaching varies with the country, not only within the country it also varies within the institutions. Although the goals of all are the same. In my country Nepal, we also learn the English language with our Native language, most of the books are on Nepali and one or two English book.
Everyone has their experience of learning English or foreign language. Learning foreign language was basically a mechanical process of learning the patterns and the dialogues of the language and mimic them to memorize. For me, the teaching method of English is the
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Here in United States, the reading class is almost identical to the reading class of my country where we have to read the story or writing after then we have the group discussion about the topic. Although as compared to Nepal after reading class we are done, but here we have to write about the topic or other practice related to the topics. I remember that we have only 10-12 writing class homework over a year in my country which is not a good practice of learning. On the other hand, here we have written assignment on every class we attend, which forces the learners to do their own research about the language to complete the assignment. This practice helps the learner to gear-up the learning process. I never experienced with the audio classes in my country which is common in most of the class in the US, I like this method much compared to the other methods for learning the second language this method is the real world practice of the language. Which not only help to learn but also teaches the speaking pattern and the pronunciation of the words of the language on real world. Another effective method which we can see in the United States is the presentation on some topic or article on the class, which we never do on the institution of my country. Rather than compared to reading writing and audio methods, this method is like a mix of all the
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