Compare And Contrast The Film Sunshine And The Movie Sunshine

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There are parents who will not die for their kids. It’s shocking when some parents say that they would not sacrifice their life for their kids when it comes to that situation according to “Dads: Would You Take a Bullet for Your Kids?”, “Most dads I know would give their own life to save the life of their child. This sentiment was recently reiterated by a dad I met during a coaching session. He confidently told me, “I’d take a bullet for my child.” As dads, we rise to the occasion, right? We were made to protect and provide. My response to the dad I was coaching: “Taking a bullet for your child? That’s easy!”’ (Hayenga). As many parents would say, they would risk their own lives for the well-being of their kid’s life. Many people are very hesitant when facing two difficult choices. Similarly to the film where many characters were hesitant before making a large sacrificial decision, people have to weigh in the costs and…show more content…
When Searle and Harvey died, we lost two breathers. If Trey dies...we 'll have the oxygen to make it to the delivery point” (Sunshine). After a fire broke out in the oxygen garden, Corazon calculated that there may not be enough oxygen to sustain the whole group. Cassie, Mace, Capa, and Corazon came to a consensus that Trey needs to go so they can accomplish the mission. The good of the group and the future lies in the hand of the Icarus restarting the sun. Trey is only an individual compared to the numerous others on the planet Earth and on the ship. By making this sacrifice to get rid of Trey, this indicates that the good of the group is more important than an individual’s life. Although the group successfully reignited the sun for everyone else on Earth to continue living, Trey was the one who inaccurately calculated the shield’s projection and angles which ultimately led to the group’s death at the end of the
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