Compare And Contrast The Dreamer And The Cruel Nation

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Admiration for My Inspiration The essays “The Dreamer,” ( pg. 129) and, “The Cruel Country,” (p. 595,) are two totally diverse essays, yet regardless they impart some relatively comparable thoughts. They are written in honor of the strong mothers whom have inspired their children, our authors. Allowing them to find strength and become who they are today. Although these two essays bear some apparent differences, the similarities between them are still quite clear. The similarities are what allow us to find that they have the same purpose. "The Dreamer" is a short anecdote about striving for your fantasies and overcoming deterrents. The main character is our author’s mother whom is being raised in the Dominican Republic. Our author had chosen…show more content…
The purpose behind Diaz’s story is not to simply inform readers about his mother’s quest to get an education. His purpose is to share how his mother’s decisions influenced him later In life. The Cause and Effect being stated in the following statement “I write professionally now…and who knows how things might have turned out under different circumstances…Everything that I’ve ever written, was possible because a seven-year old girl up in the hills of Azua knelt before a puddle, found courage in herself and drank”, ((X. J. Kennedy, pg.130)) Diaz Believes his accomplishments were the cause of his mother strength and courage. That these characteristics are what effected and influenced his life’s…show more content…
The author mourns her mother, By capturing the youth of her through a photograph. “The Cruel Country”, mixes several methods of development to show both Cofers and her mother’s mixed emotions after the death of a loved one” (pg.595) .Our author finds it easier to cope with her grief through an image of her mother, and that is explained in this

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