Compare And Contrast The Differences Between The Europeans And The Americans

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American Indians verses The Europeans Europeans came over to America in 1492 changing the way the Natives lived forever. These natives were living tranquil and content lives. The Europeans came over to these innocent people’s land calling them savages, killed their people, and destroying the perfect lives they once had. There are many accounts recorded on how the Indians and Europeans felt about the discovery of America. The Natives believed they had a very sophisticated society before the Europeans came; but the Europeans believed the natives did not know how to live right and they needed their help to learn how to live the “correct” and “godly” way. With this in mind, there is no way these two cultures could live in harmony unless they both decided to learn from one another. The problem with this was the Europeans never gave the natives the…show more content…
They thought that God had taken them to the new land because they were running out of resources in Europe. The Natives were seen as a resource like everything else in America. The Europeans took whatever they wanted because it was given to them including the Natives. “I understood sufficiently from other Indians, whom I had already taken that this land was nothing but an island” (Columbus, 36). This quote is from Christopher Columbus’s “Letter to Luis de Santangel regarding the First Voyage”. Columbus is writing a letter to Santangel telling him that he has taken Indians captive and is using them as slaves. Columbus by taking these Natives started an internal war between these two cultures for eternity. This was the start of all the problems between the two cultures. Christopher Columbus not knowing it started hatred between two cultures. Instead of trying to figure out away both of these cultures could live in harmony, Columbus and his team started dictating the Natives, taking their land and

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