Compare And Contrast The Anemic Articles Of Confederation

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The second continental congress of revolutionary day was a little more than a conference of congress from the thirteen states. Shortly before the declaring of independence the United States congress appointed a committee to draft a written constitution for the brand new nation. The finished product was no other than the Articles of Confederation. Congress pledged to dispose of the vast areas for the common benefit. It also agreed to carve from the new public domain not colonies, but a number of republican states, which in time, would be admitted to the Union on terms of complete equality with all other states. This extraordinary commitment faithfully reflected the anticolonial spirit of the Revolution, and the pledge in the farmed Northwest Ordinance of 1787. …show more content…

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  • Explains that the articles of confederation were a significant steppingstone toward the present day constitution.

But although the Confederation was praiseworthy as confederations went, the troubled times demanded not a loosely woven confederation but a tightly knit federation. This involved the yielding by the states of their sovereignty to a completely recast the federal government, which in turn would leave them free to control their local affairs. In spite of their defects, the anemic Articles of Confederation were a significant steppingstone toward the present day constitution. They clearly outlined the general powers that were to be exercised by the central government. The Articles kept alive the flickering idea of the union and to hold the states all together as one. Yet, the Articles of Confederation, were weak though they were, proved to be a landmark in the government. They were, for those days, a model of what a loose confederation ought to be. Thomas Jefferson enthusiastically hailed the new construction, as the best one that was existing or tat did ever

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