Compare And Contrast The American Dream And The Great Gatsby

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Everyone has a different idea of what they believe “The American Dream” is. The perception of this differs from time and how people view what a perfect society is. Back in the 1920’s, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s concept of “The American Dream” was to have it all. Living with the perfect girl in West Egg where Gatsby could be considered “old money” and feel like he truly belonged to the most admirable type of wealth that New York could obtain back in The Great Depression. In both the novel and the modern movie Daisy is given the image of what Fitzgerald depicts to be a prized possession to Gatsby in which it is nearly impossible for him to obtain. Gatsby and Daisy have a past that at first nobody knows about and he was willing to do anything to get her to realize that he is back in New Work to win her over. In my perspective, the movie directed by Baz Luhrmann gives a better image of what the 1920’s “American Dream” was. He is able to give a clear understanding of what the lavish people of “old money” would do on the weekends and how they would spend their…show more content…
He wants to be happy and start a future with her. He buys the mansion across the bay in hopes that one day she will notice all the luxury his property has. The narrator Nick Carraway is able to portray this by stating, " when I said you were a friend of Tom 's, he started to abandon the whole idea. He doesn 't know very much about Tom, though he says he 's read a Chicago paper for years just on the chance of catching a glimpse of Daisy 's name" (Fitzgerald 70). This quote makes it evident that he has always been in love with Daisy, even when they were a part. He never stopped caring about her and wanting to know the details about her life, Gatsby wants to know all the good and bad that has happened with her because he is still in love with her. This supports the idea that Daisy is Gatsby’s “American Dream” and that he does not have any intents of stopping that from
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