Compare And Contrast The 19th Century And The Industrial Revolution

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The natural world has clever ways of enacting transformations. We, as humans desire change and enhancement over any other satisfaction and regardless of efforts towards stability and regularity, inevitably for better or for worse, change predominates. Countries pride themselves on their achievement in science and discovery, and reward those who evolve their skills and improve their abilities. Much like the contemporary era, industries of the 18th and 19th century boomed with growth and new ideas. Comparing the First Industrial Revolution of the 18th century to any modern-day revolution provides more similarities than disparities, demonstrating to us that history has a funny way of reiterating itself. The industrial Revolution of the 18th Century brought about unprecedented changes in every aspect of society. The mechanized factory production gave rise to countless jobs,…show more content…
While both have similarities, they also have noticeable differences. Both these revolutions affected home life in unprecedented ways. The industrial revolution resulted in mass production of goods in retrospect deeply impacting the society, urbanization, health standards and giving birth to the middle class, whereas with the digital revolution, information became easily accessible, and human interaction dispensable. During the industrial revolution, family life suffered due to the massive amount of workload established by unfair business ethics, and low government intervention. While, the digital revolution is gradually eliminating personal interaction within the family as well as the contiguous social sphere thus increasingly abolishing social and conversational abilities. Revolution or change is an integral part of human evolution and although drawbacks may ensue, the tenacious and enduring man develops ingenious means to combat the trials and tribulations that may
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