Compare And Contrast Structural Functionalism And Conflict Theory

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Strain Theory developed by Robert K. Merton suggests that society places a sociological pressure on people to achieve certain goals appropriate or acceptable to the society. However, not all individuals in the society have the same opportunity or means to accomplish these goals. An example would be the goals of financial security in one’s lifetime in which some feel pressured and go to illegal lengths to have the goal satisfied because the pressure is too great. This could lead to burglary or selling drugs on the street for an individual who does not have the equal means to accomplish financial security. I would be the conformity individual because I am one who will accomplish everything by culturally approved means. I get very anxious…show more content…
It says the only the most qualified and exceptional individuals should have the jobs which influence society the most. This is different from Conflict Theory because conflict theory states that stratification causes the most highly paid positions to not always be the most important positions (or jobs) in society. It causes prestige and power to be places around these highly paid position and some groups such as women and minorities are systematically disadvantaged from these prestigious positions. In contrast these two collide when your most talented individuals who have some of the most important jobs in society aren 't making what they should be. I personally like to think that the Structural Functionalist Theory is the most convincing in the United States because there are a lot of jobs and positions that are very prestigious that requires year of high education and effort. I certainly think that a large number of people who have high influencing jobs like doctors, lawyers, and politicians are the most qualified. However, there is always the small few that fly underneath the radar that maybe aren 't as qualified for the job as another

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