Compare And Contrast Sleeping Beauty And Sleeping Beauty

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In many classic stories, youth often equates to beauty; as old age does to a scornful, maybe even evil person. A well known example of this being the differences between Princess aurora (also known as Briar-Rose) and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. I watched Sleeping Beauty as child over 10 years ago, and I saw Maleficent about 2 years ago when it came to theaters. When I first viewed these two Disney versions of the story, I never knew the original version of “Sleeping Beauty.” When I watched Maleficent I wanted to believe that was closer to the original story because it was more engaging and it was not about a set in stone princess and villain. Disney’s Sleeping Beauty is more faithful to the original tale it was based on, but Maleficent is a far better and interesting spin of the story. Like many fairy tales involving a princess, Sleeping Beauty presents the antagonist quickly. In the very first scene, Maleficent appears right away in this movie to curse princess aurora just because she wasn’t invited to the tiny baby’s christening. The king and…show more content…
The fairies definitely were not fit to take care of a child in this telling of the story. They would forget the baby, they did not always know how to feed Aurora, and she almost fell off a cliff because they did not watch her closely. For whatever reason, Maleficent decided to watch over this girl she cursed and over time a bond between the two grew. Aurora even called the fairies her aunties, while calling Maleficent (who she knew was always watching over her) her “fairy godmother” (Stromberg, 2014). Prince Philip is present in this version, and their first meeting is mostly the same. Prince Philip isn’t able to wake her up with a kiss once she fell prey to her curse, though. The only one able to do so is Maleficent. Afterwards they help each other as they just wanted to go back to the Moor

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