Compare And Contrast Sir Gawain And Achilles

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The medieval knight Sir Gawain is a hero like Achilles, but his certain characteristics make him unlike his Greek counterpart. The first quality that creates the separation of Gawain is that he is a Christian character, meaning that he believes in the monotheistic religion of Christianity, following the teachings of Jesus and God. He holds the values of this religion to be true such that he should follow with respect, compassion, and forgiveness. This religious view of life affects what Gawain holds to be his moral code, because he fights for God and for his soul to be perfect to reach heaven. Unlike Achilles during classical antiquity, the Middle Ages held Christianity, along with God and the soul, to be the controlling factors in which how people lived their lives. From this Christian tradition of living life Gawain’s masculinity is developed completely different than that of Achilles. Gawain receives his masculinity through the…show more content…
A hero in literature, as defined by the Encyclopedia Britannica, is the main character of a literary work that is celebrated through ancient legends of a society. Most heroes, especially of ancient lore, have extreme and unlimited strength, skill in battle, and courage, while partaking in war or dangerous adventures regularly. They are always studied in literature, which makes them timeless, because they can help us learn different messages about our actions even in today’s world. In comparison it is concluded that even though Achilles and Sir Gawain were created at different time periods they still have similarities and both show us today how society was in the past. These heroes represent more than just a work of literature, but the value systems of entire societies, which is invaluable knowledge for

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