Compare And Contrast Rome And Greece

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When thinking about Greece and Rome, it’s known that they were similar but also were very different in many ways, down to philosophers to architectural building styles, all the way to clothing styles. But which was better at keeping a balanced civilization? Ancient Greece was located on the islands of the Aegean Sea, and on the rocky peninsula in the eastern Mediterranean Sea which made Greece isolated. While Rome was located with mountains on the east and a sea to the west of it. This gave enemies access to them from the north and south. For trading Greece’s main trading place was Agora Market. Agora in Greek means ‘open place of assembly’ and there they traded mainly olive oil, wine, pottery, metalwork, cheese, perfumes, glass, wheat, rugs, and ivory. While Rome’s was the Trajan Market. The Trajan Market was constructed in 107-110 CE during the reign of Trajan. The Market had small front shops and a residential apartment block. Mainly beef, corn, glassware, iron, lead, leather, marble, olive oil, perfumes, purple dye, silk, silver, spices, timber, tin and wine…show more content…
Greece’s social ladder was: Male Citizens, Politicians, Soldiers, Other, Women and children, and slaves. Women were not considered to be citizens in Ancient Greece and Greece sons were considered to be the legal heir to their fathers. Rome’s social ladder was: Slaves, Freedman, Plebeians, and Patricians; but both Rome and Greece’s social ladders were distributed by wealth. The word Philosopher in Ancient Greek means "lover of wisdom". Very famous philosophers Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were from Greece. Socrates introduced the Socratic Method, Plato wrote “The Republic” where he stated that Oligarchy is the best form of government , and Aristotle that was mostly known for tutoring Alexander the Great in 338. For Roman Philosophers it was Marcus Aurelius and he was best known for his Meditations on Stoic philosophy, and Cicero who is best known for his
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