Compare And Contrast Riches And New York

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Los Angeles and New York are both great places to live in and to visit on a vacation.
This two cities have never really seen each other eye to eye by the people who live there. The cities being on opposite sides of the United States doesn’t help the situation, its west coast and east coast rivalry. These cities have a rivalry that has gone on for so long it astonished me deeply. The history behind both cities are very similar, but very different all at the same time. First thing that L.A. and N.Y. have in common is there both very much very much have attractions that attract many tourists. For example L.A. has Disney Land and N.Y. has cony island both very fun attractions. Both cities have very talented and very well liked baseball
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Over the years things have gotten better for Los Angeles and has risen up to be a very populated city. A city over to 3 million people in Los Angeles has done pretty well for itself, and I believe it will continue to thrive for the years to come. New York is a while other story, New York has an even bigger history of ups and downs.
This city is filled with so much art, music, and fashion; hence the city is called the fashion capital of the world. New York also being a semi small island is a combination of other islands with
Manhattan being the biggest one. New York is known as the Big Apple for being one of the biggest cities in the world. Before New York became the city it is today, it was filled with gangs and other bad people that tore the city apart with a lot of gang fighting. The Dutch first got to
New York in 1624 and called it New Amsterdam and Manhattan Island. Later the English took over called it New York and became one of 13 original colonies. Even after all the fighting and violence that New York went through, like 9/11 so far the worst day in American history, New
York stands tall now and bigger and brighter than
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