Compare And Contrast Republican And Democrats

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Democrats and Republicans have been around since the United States’ foundation. They both have several beliefs, and often oppose each other. Republicans believe at their very core people should be able to choose their own destiny. Individuals should be able to find their own place in society, and be able to take care of themselves, and prosper. By focusing on the individual, they limit government and try to keep federal power close to the people. Democrats believe that the government has an obligation to help individuals and make equal opportunities for all, no matter race, gender, age, or disability. Democrats believe in equality for all to pursue their goals, with the help of the government to support them. However, both parties have connection to the same main goals. They both strive to serve the will of the people, and try to uphold the American dream as much as possible. Both want social reform and for their party members to achieve their goals and move up in society. The Democratic and Republican parties also want to have a government that upholds an individual’s rights, and one that will uphold the Constitution. There are also several key differences between both the Democratic and Republican parties. Republicans are conservative, meaning that they believe in a small, limited government with individual rights…show more content…
Democrats believe that healthcare should be available to everyone, and should not have any pre-existing conditions that could hinder the average American. By providing it to everyone, Democrats hope that it will strengthen Medicare and reduce fraud, as well as close the holes that are left by the poor who cannot afford insurance. Republicans believe in quite the opposite. They want primarily for the healthcare reform to be abolished, and for more people to have their own insurance. Republicans also have many ideas, such as tax incentives and opening up insurance borders to try and help with insurance
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