Compare And Contrast Public School And Private School

Parents all know that school is very important to their children. They know that school is the next big step to success. The parents want their children to be very successful in school which means that the parents want their child to attend a school that will be more successful than other schools. When looking at several different schools, parents often ask theirself if they should enroll their child in a private school or a public school. They compare and contrast several different high schools until they find the perfect one for their child. They look to see what schools offers the best education with a great learning environment. Then they look to see what schools has the highest graduation rate. Then they look to see what schools prepare…show more content…
Public schools graduation rate is on the rise but no where near the graduation rate for private schools. Public schools graduation rate is about 80% and private schools graduation rate is about 95%. Private schools graduation rate is show high because they are able to select the students who they know will do good in school and graduate. Both private and public school parents have an overall satisfaction for the school because it is a place where their child can learn and build friendships. They know they can trust the schools to take care of the child when they are not…show more content…
Private schools is the best over public schools. They offer more one on one time with the teachers, better extra curriculum activities, and a guarantee safe zone.They help the child reach all of their goals while they are attending their school and they make sure the students are on the right track toward college. Although you have to pay to attend a private school, it will be all worth it in the end. You will never second guess yourself about making the decision for your child to attend private school. After sending your students to private school you will see how great private school really is and hopefully you will recommend more parents to send their child to private school instead of public

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