Compare And Contrast Pro Life And Pro-Choice

In present time, abortion continues to be a heated debate with a division of those who are pro-life (against abortion) and those who are pro-choice (in favor of abortion). This forms two opposing groups of individuals who may differ or compare in certain ways. A division of opposing viewpoints happens because individuals construct and define their own realities. Author Jodi O’Brien states “reality may differ across social groups, but within each group, a taken-for-granted system of knowledge establishes boundaries about what is real, true, and right” (O’Brien 2017:7). When studying opposing abortion viewpoints (pro-life and pro-choice), one can see that each side has constructed a unique definition, language, and symbols, which help create…show more content…
They use different language to give meaning to such concept. For example, Dr. Grazie—a pro-life author—states that “thinking of a son or a daughter as a “choice” is terrifying, [adding that] it leads inexorably to a culture that treats damaged, vulnerable or weak persons as disposable” (Grazie 2015:3). Individuals against abortion describe choice as something daunting and harmful. On the contrary, those in favor of abortion describe choice as something “personal,” “sacred,” or “God-given.” In the reading “Islands of Meaning,” Evitar Zerubel states that “to define something is to mark its boundaries; to surround it with a mental fence that separates if from everything else [and that] boundaries allow one to perceive.” (Zerubel 1991:37). When comparing both viewpoints, it can be said that sacredness acts as the foundation or outlook. In different and unique ways, the definitions of sanctity are like a boundaries; playing a critical role in the construction of a certain standpoint in thought to abortion (Zerubabel 2017:37). The interpretation of sacredness not only helps organize a meaning of “choice,” but it also organizes and establishes further

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