Compare And Contrast Private School And Private Schools

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Walking through the front doors of public school is what many American teenagers do daily; however, the minority of the American students find themselves and their parents paying for private schooling. People often have a better understanding of public schools because the majority of students in the United States go to public school. Public and private schools similarly have the same test scores. However, the only test scores that these schools release are their student 's math scores that are reported publicly by the National Assessment of Educational Progress. These test scores suggest that people that go to private schools are paying for close to the same education that they could receive at a public school. In contrast, the individualism…show more content…
According to the article, written by Albert Shanker, it states, “Many people assumed that private school students outperform public school students, but private schools seldom released their test scores...the National Assessment of Educational Progress released the results of its 1990 math exam. The NAEP reported that private school students scored on average a few percentage points better than the public school students.” (Shanker 2). Comparatively private and public schools’ test scores are very similar; a few points difference on one test does not prove one school to be better than the other. Rather, more testing records need to be present for a stronger comparison to be…show more content…
Private schools relate to public schools in the testing records that the NAEP has released for public viewing. Due to these scores, private school students are paying for an academic education that they could be receiving at a public school for free. Private schools have an advantage over public schools that allows their students and teachers to have an unyielding understanding of each other. This understanding allows the teacher to accommodate to the specific needs of each student rather than assuming that each student has the same academic abilities and requirements. Public school teachers cannot relate to their students in this way, and they cannot accommodate the needs of each student as well as private schools can do. Public and private schools must be compared and contrasted in order to show which type of schooling is best for
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