Compare And Contrast Plato And Augustine

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Plato believes in the absolute ideas, of the spiritual realm, and the belief of a higher power. Unlike Plato, Socrates, believes in the ideas on earth rather than the spiritual belief. This forces distance between Plato and the teachings of Socrates. Not only that, but also he believes that the ideal of society is the ideal of perfectionism in the spiritual realm. Plato’s views branch from the teachings he received growing up, and in growing up learning and interpreting on his own became key. Augustine believes in salvation and that is by God’s grace through faith that people are saved. He believes that the peace of society rests solely on man being saved. Love which Augustine focuses on primarily is the basis of faith for God. Man’s…show more content…
Plato and Augustine to my understanding both share similarities and differences within their beliefs on worldview, they have different moral beliefs, as Augustine’s beliefs are solely based on faith, as Plato’s, belief includes philosophical aspects, and…show more content…
This is because death may seem scary, knowing that Jesus died for our sins, and because we are saved by grace through faith, allows the comfort that everything will be alright. Stating in his book, “But in the blessed life eternal there will be love and joy, not only right, but also assured; but fear and grief there will be none” (Confessions 38). The motive of understanding between Plato and Augustine focus of death, connects with the sinful nature of man. For example, the Bible states for us as Christians not to worry. “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” (Matthew 6:34). In brief, both philosophers are attuned on the outlook of death, in correspondence with people and fear. Fear and worrying exists because of sinful nature. Sin came about because of man, the origin of man’s sin is pride. For “pride is the beginning of sin.” Sin pushes man away from God and His love. The only thing that saves man and brings him closer to God is being saved by His grace. Augustine writes that, “ Pride is the beginning of sin . . . for if the will had remained steadfast in the love of that higher and changeless good by which it was illumined to intelligence and kindled into love, it not have turned away to find satisfaction in itself” (Confessions, 38). He recognizes the sin we inherited and the sin we actively produce. There is a nature of

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