Compare And Contrast Phibia And Phobia

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Nearly everyone has had or has an unreasonable fear; it can be a fear of planes, spiders, or even water, but for some people the fear of these objects escalate and turn into phobias. A phobia is an anxiety disorder where people encounter a strong, constant, absurd fear of a certain item, action, or activity. Where as a fear is the feeling of being afraid of something dangerous. The difference between a phobia and a fear is; a fear is when someone is afraid when something is dangerous to their life or well being; while a phobia is when people are scared of objects or actions that will not put them into any danger or harm's way: ablutophobia, fear of washing or bathing, or anablephobia, fear of looking up. A phobia can cause an overwhelming feeling of anxiety which can range from faint panic to a severe panic attack. For instance; noises, heights, open places, or dust are just a few of the objects that people are terrified of, and when the phobias become too severe, they begin to affect people's lives personally and socially.
Phobias not only affect people’s lives personally and socially but it also affects them physically and mentally. Phobias can
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Agoraphobia is the fear of being in public places and having no way to escape. People who experience agoraphobia feel trapped, cornered, and helpless. They begin to get apprehensive and timid. People who experience agoraphobia generally develop the phobia by traumatic events, abuse, or death. Someone with this phobia who has been in a car accident or who has seen one could be anxious and nervous to get into a car. They would feel defenseless, trapped and alone. They begin to tremble, sweat, or chest pain. They feel as if their dying. People with agoraphobia eventually begin to not leave to go to the supermarket or any other stores anymore because of the panic; until the fear becomes so severe where they are to petrified to even leave their
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