Compare And Contrast Organic Food And Organic Foods

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Today, people in the first world are blessed with the ability to make a choice between GMO foods, which are foods that are genetically modified, and organic foods, which are foods that are not modified and are grown through natural means. These different types of foods are born through different farming methods and each has its own pros and cons. Genetically modified foods are superior to organic foods for a multitude of reasons such as their higher crop yield and their lower cost, and it is obvious that genetic modification of crops is the future. However, it is worth examining why exactly this is and what pros and cons the two different forms of food have in order to determine which type of food a person should eat. Many people choose, for example, to eat entirely organic foods in order to avoid the health risks associated with genetically modified foods and to have a more natural eating experience. While there are some concerns when it comes to considering eating genetically modified foods, the benefits that come from them are outstanding. For instance, food quality can be drastically improved. Fruits and other kinds of food that sour or go bad quickly can be…show more content…
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