Compare And Contrast Mustapha Mond And John The Savage

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John the Savage vs. Mustapha Mond
Have you ever wondered what the future holds? Will your main mode of transportation be by flight or maybe the society around you is under the influence of drugs? In Brave New World both of which occur. The story follows the journey of a boy named John “The Savage” as he travels from the reservation he has always known to the Brave New World of which he is a product of. The other character of much importance is Mustapha Mond. Mustapha Mond is the controller of the Brave New World and has many of opposing view in comparison to John, but as the book progresses the reader can see many similarities in the two characters. John the Savage is the audience’s window into the reality of the Brave New World and a perfect
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Though John faces great change and many tribulations throughout the novel, his inner character remains the same throughout. While living on the reservation John was constantly subjected to isolation due to the fact he looked different than the rest of the members of the reservation, but John made use of his time and took to learning and loving Shakespeare a skill that helped John verbalize his emotions in the Brave New World. Shakespeare was unheard of in the Brave New World. John was immersed so deeply in Shakespeare’s ability to portray power, love, and emotion, all things that have been sacrificed by the World State, that he find himself in isolation once again. John used his knowledge of Shakespearean plays to help him understand occurrences in his life. John makes a parallel connection between his mom’s openness to having sex with the Pope and Othella. The connection signals the audience to recognize the disapproval of sex by John and helps the reader foreshadow his hatred and disrespect towards Lenina. “John The Savage is in a continuous struggle with not being accepted by others in both worlds. On the reservation, he was isolated for his pale skin and blue eyes while in the Brave New World he once again faces isolation due to the fact he can form emotions and has opposing views about the promiscuity of the society. The Alphas and Betas make John a spectacle because he is different and poke fun at him because they…show more content…
This discussion alone allows the reader to make inferences and connections about Mustafa Mond as he is the controller of the World State and has implemented the ‘Out with the old, In with the new ideology ‘. Mustapha Mond also explains to John how he views religion as an obsolete thing of the past. John’s complexity allows him to see past Mond’s way of thinking and even goes on to find similarities in the Bible and My Life and Works By Our Ford. Although the Brave New World claims to be non-religious, The Savage sees crosses that have been altered to look like “T’s” in relation to worshipping Henry Ford and his model T and sees this as a pseudo-religion put in place to keep stability throughout the society. Another religious connection that can be made is the similarities between the rites of the Solidarity group and those of the Christian

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