Compare And Contrast Mrs Mallard And Senior Picture Day

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According to Harris Poll only 1 in 3 Americans are very happy. Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” main character Mrs.Mallard and Michele Serros’s “Senior Picture Day” main character the narrator both have similar, but yet very different characters. Mrs.Mallard and the narrator are similar characters because they are both not happy with a certain aspect of their life. Yet are very different because Mrs.Mallard is unhappy about her life with her husband and the narrator is unhappy with her nose. Mrs.Mallard and the narrator also handle their unhappiness in very different ways. In Kate Chopin’s short story “The Story of an Hour” the main character is Mrs.Mallard who finds out about her husband’s untimely death. Chopin says “She wept at once,…show more content…
After Mrs.Mallard’s husband’s death she realizes that she was not happy all this time because she stopped feeling grief and then felt freedom. In the same way, the narrator is already unhappy with her nose, but when her friend Terri makes a comment about her Indian nose it really hits home for her. Another similarity between these stories is both of their main character’s lives changed significantly. Mrs.Mallard losing her husband would change her life significantly because now she would have to live her life without him. Although she didn’t mind the thought of this because she realized that she would actually enjoy a life that belong to only her. The narrator lost someone who she thought was her best friend, Terri after she made a negative comment about the narrator’s nose who was already very insecure about…show more content…
Although both Mrs.Mallard and the narrator were both unhappy, they were unhappy about two completely different things. Mrs.Mallard realizes that the life she had been living with her husband all this time was actually a really unhappy life once he passed away. The narrator is unhappy with the size of her nose claiming that it looks like an Indian nose. Another difference is Mrs.Mallard and the narrator both handle their unhappiness in very different ways. Mrs.Mallard barely has to the handle the situation with her husband because he is deceased, but she decides to start making herself happy by living a life that belongs to her. The narrator takes more initiative and handles the situation by squeezing her nose every morning in hopes to make her nose thinner. Serros says “Just last week I lined up all my class pictures and could definitely see the progress” (30). It is clear that, the narrator believes squeezing her nose is working to give her that perfect nose and her picture will be the best in the

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