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809 words

Soccer is a sport that is always changing. One day a person may think that they know the game, but the next day that person may realize that he/she does not understand soccer one bit. For the many years that soccer has been on Earth, the sport has evolved. Each year there are new factors and principles that players use to adapt to the game. Athletes usually change as well. There are some instances in which a player must switch up their style of play to achieve victory. Cristiano Ronaldo is a very famous competitor. He is known worldwide and is looked up to by many fans. Another remarkable player is Lionel Messi; his fans love to watch him play. These two players are ones who seem to have the game figured out, however they both differ in many ways. …show more content…

Theoretically, each of them could play any spot on the field, but they wouldn’t do as well as they could in their best positions. Messi plays the forward position also known as striker. Ronaldo plays as a striker sometimes, but he mostly plays as a left wing. Left wing means a left midfield position. So Ronaldo has to go back and play defense when his team is not in possession of the ball. A striker’s main goal is to score, so Messi goes out on the field and scores almost every game. Ronaldo has slightly less chances to score playing as a partial defender, but he still manages to make goals. As a striker, Messi would battle against the defenders of the opposing team because of how the layouts of each team are set on the field. A left wing will commonly fight the right wing of the enemy team. The right wing is the same as a left wing but on the right side of the field. Even though they play different spots, for the most part, they are both known as skilled and talented players throughout the

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that soccer is a sport that is constantly changing. players use new factors and principles to adapt to the game, while athletes change as well. cristiano ronaldo and lionel messi are two remarkable players who seem to have it figured out.
  • Compares messi and ronaldo's positions on the soccer field. both are skilled and talented players.
  • Explains that ronaldo and messi are both highly-paid athletes with their own groups of fanatics.
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