Compare And Contrast Martin Luther King I Have A Dream Speech And Bernie Sanders

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“Rhetoric is the art of ruling the minds of men” (Plato). This is part of the theme in both Martin Luther King I Have a Dream speech and Bernie Sanders presidential speeches. Using Rhetoric, it does not only influence the words, but also the audience. Martin Luther King and Bernie Sanders are both great inspirational leaders that want their audience to hear their voices. Martin Luther King is a civil right activist that is for the people by wanting equal rights. He wants the blacks and whites to come together and end segregation and non-violence. Bernie Sanders is a democratic socialist that is for the people by wanting human rights. He wants all people to live a better life with no struggles. In both of their speeches, Martin Luther King…show more content…
He said one of his great presidential speeches on the streets of: downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Bernie Sander refers to the problem in the United States. Sanders focus on getting his point across to the American people. He wants to help all of the Americans. On his site, he informs what his ideas are if he is voted to become the next president of the United States. He recognizes that health care, a place to stay, having food, and education are all human rights. Bernie sanders just really want everyone to get ahead in life. In his speech, he says, “I want more people in the country going to college than going to jail.” He wants for his people to get a good education and be become successful just like him. He wants to provide equal opportunity, better life styles, and fortify equality. Furthermore, in his speech he shows that he will not give up; he is a fighter for the people and a man of peace. Using the rhetorical analysis method, Bernie Sanders and Martin Luther King used the three elements which are ethos, pathos, and logos in their speeches. To start off with Bernie Sanders, he successfully uses ethos to begin with his self as someone who is credible and should be listen to. He gives a history of his mom and dad going back down to his childhood and making it clear that he did not grow up rich or had lots of freedom, instead…show more content…
He was getting his audience attention and having them feel a certain way of how the African Americans are being handled, treated, and respected. For example, when he kept saying I Have a Dream, the audience could feel the toughness and courage King had in his speech and how strongminded he was of having fairness and equality. Another quote that seems lively was when he kept starting off every sentence saying let freedom ring at the end of his speech. King let the audience know that one-day freedom will ring, segregation will end, and equality will come about. As king said both of them phrases in his speech, it had so much emotion involved. I say this because the audience can feel how Martin Luther King was feeling at that time. Using a lot of pathos in his speech made it more meaningful, inspiring and expressive. Bernie Sanders and Martin Luther King tempt to engage their audience 's emotions in their pathetic

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