Compare And Contrast Martin Luther King And I Have A Dream Speech

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In Martin Luther King entitled, I Have a Dream speech compared to Bernie Sanders entitled, presidential speech have a controversial issues that is being raised in a rhetorical manner. “Rhetoric is the art of ruling the minds of men” (Plato). This is part of the theme in both Martin Luther King and Bernie Sanders speeches. Using Rhetoric, it does not only influence the words, but also the audience. Martin Luther King and Bernie Sanders are both great inspirational leaders that want their audience to hear their voices. Martin Luther King is a civil right activist that is for the people from wanting equal rights. He wants the blacks and whites to come together and end segregation and non-violence. Bernie Sanders is a democratic socialist that…show more content…
He uses quotes from the constitution, and declaration of independence regarding to the equality for Americans and equal rights, and kept getting his audience attention by saying ‘we’. He uses the Declaration of Independence to invoke the authority in his…show more content…
By the means of what King said in both phrases in his speech, it had so much emotion involved. The audience can feel how Martin Luther King was feeling at that time. Using a lot of pathos in his speech made it more meaningful, inspiring and expressive. Bernie Sanders and Martin Luther King tempt to engage their audience 's emotions in their pathetic appeal.
In the final rhetoric, Bernie Sanders uses a lot of cause and effect statements as well as short, simple statements to demonstrate the logic behind what he want to do. He makes use of appropriate facts and statistics relating to specific issues. In regards to income and wealth inequality, he states how “ninety-nine percent of all new income goes to the top one percent” (Sanders, Para.10, 2015). Other such facts and statistics are mentioned when Sanders discusses economics, climate change, health care, unemployment, creating jobs, and raising the minimum wage. They are all used to appeal to reason and are great examples of logos. Sanders’ main objective is to give his audience a reason why certain changes have to be
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