Compare And Contrast Marriage At Older Age

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Marriage at a young age
Marriage at a older age
Do you prefer getting married at a younger age or do you prefer to wait to a older age? Many people nowadays get married at a young age still. But there is others who wait till they have their career and stability to get married. There is many pros and con is both circumstances. In both theories people has their own opinions and their choices on what they want. Although, marriage can be enjoyed throughout your entire life there is many differences in marrying at a young age and marrying at a older age due to financial decisions, time spent, and independence.
The first topic to compare and contrast is financial decisions. No matter the age you are we all have our own financial decisions
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When you marry at a young age you are still most likely to want to go out and party and be with friends and not always with your spouse. But when you are older you are out of the state of partying and spend time with each other is where you spend most of your time. When you 're always out and not with your spouse it can lead to many misunderstandings and conflict to your marriage which leads to many divorces at a younger age. Many young marriages rather enjoy having their own freedom and do their own thing instead at an older age you rather include your partner in the things you do such as outings. At a young age you guys have your own friends and in an older age you guys have your mutual friends to be with. At a older age you manage your time spent around your partner and family and as for the younger its spend on your own time. At the young marriages you 're more likely to go out and do more adventures and to activities instead of at a older age you are more likely to just stay home and relax and just enjoy the presence of your spouses. As for my marriage at a young age, I prefer do both,; activities, adventures and just my partners presence at home. Our schedules are totally opposite but we still manage our time spend together for the most part. In my opinion I believe the whole time spent depends on how you guys are together and how to guys really connect being

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