Compare And Contrast Magge And Dee

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Have you ever seen two sisters that are completely different in looks, thought, and what is important to them? This example can be compare to the story of Maggie and Dee in” Everyday Use” by Alice Walker. Although Maggie and Dee are sisters from the same parents and raised by the same mother in the same house who love and cherished them, they have different looks, different attitude towards family, and how they cherished the family heritage. According to the narrator (who is also their mother) she describes Dee as being more attractive than Maggie. Dee is lighter than Maggie, with nicer hair and a fuller figure (p. 256). Dee loves and wants nice things. She is always determined to stare down any disaster in her effort (p.257). Dee is an attractive, beautiful, and confident…show more content…
When Dee went to college she came back and seems to be ashamed of her mother, Maggie, and their new house. Maggie wrote to her mother while she was still in college her thoughts about their new house. “She wrote to me once that no matter where we choose to live, she will manage to come see us, but would never bring her friends (P. 257)”. She even changed her name from Dee to Wangero, saying she couldn’t do it any more (being name after the people that oppressed her). Dee was also a very selfish person. She wanted everything for herself. She had always wanted beautiful things all her life. Her mother let her have the butter churn; she went around and wanted more. She wanted her grandmother’s handmade quilts, even though her mother refused to give her. Her mother was saving the quilts for her sister for when she would get married. Dee insisted on having them. She was thoughtless toward her sister. Although Dee was thoughtless, resentful, and demanding towards family, being educated taught her to value her heritage. One the reasons she wanted grandma handmade quilts so bad. Dee education opens her eyes and understanding about family
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