Compare And Contrast Life In Prison Rather Than Capital Punishment

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Some families do prefer life in prison rather than capital punishment. These families would rather have the money spent putting a person to death on them and getting them help for the loss of their loved one. Losing a loved one is a traumatic event. The death penalty does focus more on those convicted rather than the families who are suffering. Instead of spending millions of dollars on capital punishment, this money could be spent on helping the families and working on unsolved cases where some families never got closure for the death of a loved one.
Most families want the person who killed their loved one to suffer the same consequence: death. Sentencing a person to death is the only fair justice our court system could enforce because that
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In some cases, life in prison would be less pain for a person than capital punishment; while in other cases, more pain would come from life in prison. The reason prison would be less pain is because the murderer would get to live a full life, just not in the real world. This is the easy way out. But, some prisoners do not like certain types of criminals because, depending on the type of crime, if a person who murdered another was sentenced to life in prison, the prisoners will take “good” care of that person. This means the person will wish he or she were dead rather than be in prison because the other prisoners will cause so much pain to the murderer. Pedophiles have the hardest time in prison. Usually, if their crime is known, they will not last long. For this reason, they are sometimes placed under protective…show more content…
Richard Matt and David Sweat broke out of this prison, a feat no one has done in the 170 years the facility has existed. Cutting through concrete and steel walls, these two inmates, who lived in adjacent cells from each other, used power tools to do so. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says the prison undergoes regular maintenance, so for Matt and Sweat to obtain these tools is impossible (Yan, Holly 1). Since two convicted killers were able to escape from a maximum security prison in New York, other convicts in prisons around the country will think they can do the same

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