Compare And Contrast Julius Caesar And Augustus

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Julius Caesar remains one of history’s best generals and propagandists. However, Caesar rein cam to an end only a few years after its start with his assassination. In contrast his inexperienced nephew, Augustus, succeeded where Caesar failed by establishing his long and successful rule of Rome. While Augustus’ comparative success might appear to result from historical contingencies, a closer examination reveals Augustus as a much shrewder politician than Caesar. Specifically, Augustus dealt more effectively with his enemies than Caesar while at the same presented his assumption of absolute power as consistent with, rather than in opposition of, both the laws and values of the Republic.

Julius Caesar played the game of Roman politics well,
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After Caesar named Augustus his heir to the throne, he was denied everything except Caesars name. However, Augustus accepts Caesars name and then sets out to destroy all those who were enemies to his adopted farther. Augustus took out huge loans from the bank, giving the money to the citizens of Rome, making them favour him. He then turned his attention to his fathers enemies. Did this by skilfully attacking the senate for killing Caesar, and blaming Antony for not doing enough. After this Antony flees Rome and Augustus is elected consul by a terrified senate. “At the age of nine-teen, on my own initiative and expense, I raised an army to restore liberty to the republic.” (Res Gestae Divi Augusti). Augustus and Antony clash, but resolve their differences when the treaty of Brundisum is negotiated. Augustus promises his sister Octavia to Caesar to strengthen the pact. This already demonstrates how good a leader Augustus was, the citizens of Rome favoured him, the senate began to fear him and he had avoided complete civil war. The next step for Augustus was to eliminate the men who had conspired to kill Caesar. Antony and Augustus joined their legions together and swiftly killed Brutus and Cassius. Now unlike Caesar before him Augustus recognised that he had a number of enemies in the senate, Augustus proscribed members of the senate, and purged all his enemies from the senate. Augustus then offered clemency, appearing merciful but knowing that there were no more enemies in the senate. Augustus then cleverly devised away to make it much harder to be assonated, the Praetorian Guard. The Praetorian Guard was effectively a small army of one thousand strong, loyal only to the Emperor. Augustus also appeared as a great peacekeeper. When
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