Compare And Contrast: Judaism Vs. Islam

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Leanne Clark
Communication Cluster
Professor Grissom
28 January 2016
Comparison contrast- Jewish vs. Muslim
Though Muslims and Judaism share many similarities and differences they are both considered ground breaking religions in their own right. The most important point of comparing the two is both deem Jesus Christ as one of the most quoted prophets. Both religions believe God blessed them through Abraham and his sons. Isaac for the Jews, and Ishmael for the Muslims. Both religions really have more in common than the world actually cares to see. However their likeness is what keeps them at war. The war stems from the battle of deciphering whom Gods chosen people are. The truth is everyone is Gods people. If you choose God, he chooses you. The faith that each person has is their own, we as humans are entitled to own faith
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Muslims further believe that God is the only giver and taker of life and thus determines the manner in which humans conduct all their activities. They also believe that all the religions in the world were sent by God which human beings corrupted later. In Judaism the Jewish followers believe that God made a covenant with Abraham and his seed Isaac not Ishmael as the Muslims believe. God is responsible for giving life as he gave a child to Sarah and Abraham. God made a promise to Abraham that his seed would eternally be blessed. The Jewish followers uphold this covenant and believe God chose the twelve tribes as his chosen people. Jewish consider people from all religions of the globe to be equal and having different unique ways of serving God who are supposed to obey his law. Those who believe in Judaism are thus supposed to abide by the Torah while at the same time bonding God’s
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