Compare And Contrast John Locke And Hobbes

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John Locke and Thomas Hobbes could of been of the most significant person for their times. Mr. Locke is well known philosopher in the scientific and political field, while Hobbes was known for his own political work. Mr. Locke scientific background made him famous when he came up with the term “Tabula Rasa”, which means blank slate, an empty surface, where every day experiences help shape who we are. Mr. Locke wrote one of his most important ideas in the book called “An Essay Concerning Human Understanding”. When it comes to john Locke’s political side its almost similar beliefs. He and Mr. Hobbes have similar ideas when it comes to the government, but Mr. Locke goes father and argues the government needs respects individuals rights. This…show more content…
Locke’s you must understand what his idea of Natural Law and Naturals Rights. Mr. Locke talks about natural laws and rights and how applies to everyone, he believes where we’re all separate and have some type of freewill. He explains that people should have protection on their personal rights thought-out all societies. He felt that we were offering some of our rights to the government to keep order are ok, but they must have legitimate reasoning. This means we would should have a say when it comes to government and limiting their control over everything.
Throughout time almost political points have some type of shape or form around gods and priests. Mr. Locke had the capability to express his theory without using too much god into his works. He believed that god created us to achieve our own happiness while avoiding fear and pain and political leaders shouldn’t push their beliefs on to other people. This is where his nature and nurture also comes in because everyone has their own experiences and reasoning’s, so there would always be some conflict of ideas. Although, Mr. Locke’s idea was influenced off Mr. Hobbles they both have very different
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Locke’s ideas, where Mr. Hobbes ideas of state of nature are barely practiced. During Mr. Hobbes time period he didn’t like the idea of the church having power, so he found a way for them to lose power, while changing the reasoning for having kings. His idea of state of nature was more based on an individual’s moral, where he believed everyone is greedy, selfish and pursues their own self-interest and this would lead us to have wars with one another. In his works he finds societies to be some type of social contract. Which led him to arguing that the government should have more control over people, if not there would be “war of all against all” and this would lead him to say, if we have a weak government and less control wars will breakout, which we would be killed and overthrown. In other words, he believes our selfishness dominates and have total control over our behavior and therefore makes us weak and vulnerable. So with his theory, the structure of government this would make us anti-social, where we wouldn’t come together collectively like the society we have today. In addition, this type of system would play a significant role playing on our emotions, scaring us with anarchy and civil wars. The way they could of get away with this would saying it’s for our security and peace with other societies. This would of lead to government protecting our lives, but exchanging we would have to give everything we