Compare And Contrast Jamestown And Plymouth Plantation

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The Foundation of The New World Long ago there were two colonies that came to the New world now known to be apart of the United States. The first colony that arrived to the new world landed in Virginia. The second colony landed in Massachusetts both of the colonies were run by men who wrote journals about their experiences. The leader of Jamestown was Captain John Smith and the the leader of Plymouth Plantation was William Bradford these were the men that wrote about their experiences in the new world. The colonies both had similarities such as the starving times but they had many more staggering differences between them that made both experiences extremely different. Jamestown came first before Plymouth Plantation and along with this new colony came several The people of Jamestown just cared about themselves they most likely had no family and didn't watch anyone's back but their on. On the other hand the people of Plymouth Plantation all cared for each other and they would all if need be take a bullet for each other. Captain John Smith’s writing was also very different from that of William Bradford. Smith wrote in an unrealistic third person view of himself while Bradford wrote in an accurate and humble 1st person. The people of Jamestown we're mostly men that wanted to become rich moreover the people of Plymouth we're families and friends that came for religious reasons. Both colonies weren't completely different they had some similarities such as how they both went through starving times that killed nearly half of the people that arrived. They were both English and both of them and counter Native Americans however their experiences with Native Americans were relatively different. Overall there were more differences than similarities but both colonies will forever remain in the history

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