Compare And Contrast Internal Conflict In Beowulf

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Translating literature from different time periods can be difficult, but when successfully done the comparisons of the two pieces of literature can be amazing. During the Medieval period in times people feared mythical creatures such as dragons. People would have houses built to protect and save them from these creatures. These mighty mythical creatures were rarely seen and told about, but there were some who finessed in the destruction of these mighty beasts. During the More Modern era people do not have to worry about ginormous beasts, but they have to worry about war. Nowadays people build homes to look nice and make them best fit for themselves. There are no gigantic beasts that people must worry about in the present. Even though the two…show more content…
Jake becomes conflicted in his lust and passion for Brett Ashley. Jake and his friends all are blinded by lady Ashley’s beauty and have no respect for each other when trying to impress her. Brett Ashley ultimately wants to be with Jake, but he is unable to physically satisfy her due to being paralyzed from his waist down. Throughout Beowulf’s life he undergoes a series of multiple different complex conflicts. Beowulf shows time after time immense courage by never backing down from a fight, and always being the saviour of the people. In the multiple stories of Beowulf there is consistent external conflict with a hint of internal conflict. The two characters seem to be different in nearly every way but are actually the same just with different levels and severities of their situations. Jake is conflicted with his lust for Brett Ashley and with his friends. He knows that he and Brett cannot workout due to his disability, and it tears him apart inside to see his friends attempt to become companions with her. Beowulf is similar in the sense that he also has internal conflict that he must go through. Beowulf grows up conflicted by Grendel, Grendel 's mother, and the Dragon, and growing up his hatred grows more and more for each one. Even though are slight similarities between the two characters they are very different people with extremely different scenarios. Jakes conflict does not put his life or anyone else 's in danger. The only damage that can occur is the damage to his emotions. Beowulf on the other hand is an epic hero who saves people’s lives a multitude of times, and goes through a lot more dangerous and daring situations than that of Jake Barnes. Through adaptation and conflict the authors are able to make our characters very

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