Compare And Contrast Ideology And Ideologies

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The term “ideologies” is not a simple term to define. Throughout history there have been many different definitions of the term, and by all accounts most of the definitions have been similar to one another. The definition of ideologies that I personally use is that they are ideas and beliefs that form our way of thinking. Ideologies form the basis of understanding how our political system works and how we interact with it. Your personal beliefs are what characterize you and include you in our political system. The terms ideology and ideologies are similar to each other, yet their meanings are different. The difference between the terms ideology and ideologies is that an ideology is a person's beliefs or thinking that shapes they way they will see and interact with the political world, and it places them into a group of like minded people who share the same belief structure. Ideologies are the…show more content…
He achieved this by surveying members of the public and doing open-ended interviews about political parties and placing the American populace into categories. With the results of the surveys and interviews Converse had grouped the respondents into five categories based on their answers and understanding of the political spectrum. Out of the five categories that Converse created only the top two categories, which by far had the minority of people grouped in them, had an even basic and cohesive understanding of political ideals. The group who held the most cohesive understanding of having political ideology were called Ideologues. Ideologues had the best understanding of the political spectrum and could accurately place their views and answers in their respective ideologies. Moving down a level the next group called Near Ideologues have less understanding of the political spectrum and put little emphasis on it when answering the survey and interview