Compare And Contrast Hybrid Cars And Hybrid Cars

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In today’s society the people of the world are at a constant battle on how to make the world we live in a better and safer environment. One of the most argued topic is whether we should update our technology and start driving hybrid/ electric cars or continue using a combustion engine. Both Hybrid cars and combustion engine cars are operated in different ways. Also, the prices for a vehicle with a single energy source has a higher cost for operation purposes and maintenance fees. However, the biggest comparison between these two sources is the a combustion engine contributes to more pollution than the hybrid car does. A new trend that has been brought up around the world are hybrid and electric cars. A vehicle is considered to be hybrid when…show more content…
Cars that operate on one source of energy produce a lot of pollution, and they also play a huge part of global warming. Hybrid cars are known as eco-friendly vehicles. They do not contribute to as much pollution like a conventional car does. The fossil fuel of gasoline causes there to be carbon monoxide in the air. Since the average mile per gallon on a hybrid is about 10 miles higher, it “eliminates” the total amount of carbon monoxide put into the air by about 50 pounds every 100 miles traveled, while a conventional car puts out roughly 75 pounds of carbon monoxide every 100 miles ( HowStuffWorks.) Although hybrids do put carbon monoxide in the air, it is about produces about 25 pounds less than a conventional car will. “By replacing gasoline with electric power, we can drastically reduce air pollution and CO2 emissions from the exhaust pipes of millions of vehicles around the world.” ( Electric cars,…show more content…
Hybrid/ electrical vehicles have a high chance as succeeding in the future, and conventional cars will slowly dissapear. Hybrid cars have more than one energy source, which saves gas. By saving gas individuals will be able to spend their money on other things. Hybrids also require the same cheap maintenance of a modern conventional car. By having the same prices for maintenance, people will not have to invest more into the car of the future. The best part of all the comparisons is that hybrid vehicle will reduce the carbon monoxide in the air by a whole 25 pounds. By switching to hybrids, there will be cleaner air to breathe for generations to
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