Compare And Contrast Human Nature In The Book And Then There Were None

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“Be careful who you trust, the devil was once an angel.” That is a common saying now a day. Trust is an issue that many people face throughout life. You never know who actually has you’re back and who doesn’t. In the stories And Then There Were None and The Most Dangerous Game, trust was a major issue or the characters who were trapped on an island knowing they may get killed. The two stories relate in the fact that the characters couldn’t trust anyone on either island. Through my analysis of these two literary works and through real life examples, I will prove that human nature is untrustworthy. The setting and plot in both of the stories And Then There Were None and The Most Dangerous Game are very similar to each other. The setting…show more content…
In ATTWN the guest’s didn’t trust each other after they found out the killer was one of them. They would gather around for dinner and as they sat they had so many questions going through their minds about the killer. “Thoughts that ran round in a circle like squirrels in a cage… What next? Who? Which?... I must be careful.” In TMDG Rainsford was lost and got trapped to get hunted by the owner. Zaroff was content that he trapped a good hunter with experience which meant a strong competition. Rainsford was to hide in the forest around the island. If Zaroff found him he would die and if he won he would be set free alive, but Rainsford didn’t trust him on that because he was a hunter of men. He knew no sailor had survived in the game so far, so that showed the General was a murderer inside. “To date I have not lost… One almost did win. I eventually had to use the dogs.” These two examples help us see that people cannot be trusted or you could end up dead. In ATTWN, Justice Wargrave, “a guest”, ended up being the killer which was shocking because he was the judge. As the judge you wouldn’t think he would be the killer. Wargrave would listen to everyone 's opinions, but he wouldn’t really share much of his opinions. In TMDG, Rainsford killed the General because he knew he wouldn’t take losing since he never lost. As we…show more content…
In ATTWN, Vera Claythorne talks Lombard into handing her the gun and after he did, she killed him. Vera knew she wasn’t the killer, so she wanted to make sure she was safe and alone. “Vera pressed the trigger… Relief possessed Vera… No more fear.” Vera felt relieved knowing she was “alone” on the island and that she was no longer going to get killed. In TMDG, Rainsford was on his second day in the forest after the General gave him another chance when he found him. Rainsford saw Ivan and he knew he had the pack of dogs that could kill him once they were set free. Rainsford immediately thought of a trick he learned in Uganda that could save him. He tied his knife on a springy young sapling and made it to where it could kill Ivan. He knew Ivan could turn him in or even kill him. Rainsford also killed Zaroff’s dog; to be safe, he made a hole in the Death Swamp and filled it up with stakes which were covered by grass. The dog fell into it and died. Rainsford felt safe with no more fear of being killed. “He had never slept in a better bed, Rainsford decided.” Another similarity has been proven to help support my claim, trust no one on the road to
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