Compare And Contrast High School Vs College

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High school vs College When someone is younger they look forward to the milestones in their life in which they hope to see. A couple of them will be the beginning High school and then College. Those two events are two different jumps most people will take in their life. At first the student may begin to become intimidated by the fact they will be entering college. When a students begins their high school career they will immediately begin to start looking forward to college, and the freedoms in which it brings. Once the student graduates and starts their college career they realize there are a lot of things in college that high schools have in common, as well as many differences in which they did not expect. When someone enters high school…show more content…
One main example would be the freedom students in college are given. Most of the time in high school the students still live with a parent or guardian. Then in a lot of instances the student leaves home after high school and begins college. Thus the student will not have 24 hour supervision by a parent. The will have to adapt to maintain their schoolwork, as well as keeping up a job. The students are given the freedom to choose how many classes they want to take. Also they will have the ability to choose when to take classes, so his or hers time management will be put in their own hands to control. Also students will be tasked with the responsibility of keeping track of one 's school workload. Unlike most high school teachers, college professors will not keep reminding you to turn in their assignments. Teachers also will not care if you miss a class, because they still expect you to turn in your assignments with no excuses. Overall, there are many similarities with High school and College, as well as many differences. The two main things that we can take away from these comparisons is that the workload is going to increase from High School to College. The second it that the social aspect in college will not be any different than meeting someone new in any other circumstance. Lastly if students can control their time management as they reach higher education, the adjustment will be exciting,
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