Compare And Contrast High School And Middle School

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High School vs. Middle School The transformation from middle school to high school marks an exciting and overwhelming time in a teenager’s life. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in life and it opens new doors of opportunity. High school is easily over estimated compared to middle school and middle school is very much under estimated from high school. High school and middle school are very different with only a few similarities. The two different levels of schooling have completely different time schedules, different priorities take place, and one schools education system is more advanced than the other. Everyone remembers their first day of middle school; it was the first day we finally felt like a teenager, even if we weren’t one. Everyone got ready that morning to look as sharp as possible, and made sure all their school supplies were the same color. It was the first time we…show more content…
In middle school, there aren’t very many priorities that have to take place. A middle schooler might need to stop playing video games or hanging out with friends after school to help them get extra time to pick their grades up. But, a high schooler might have to drop sports, relationships, friendships, jobs, or weekend activities, just for school. High school typically takes up much more time, it practically takes up four years of your life. The education system in high school is more advanced than the middle school education system. First off, high school teachers are strict; they will make multiple policies for their class and they will not tolerate much. The teachers will also work more with your class to make sure everyone understands and no one is left behind. Along with all of that, high school teachers assign advanced assignments. They’ll assign research papers, essays, video projects, poster assignments and whatever else a teacher can think to

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