Compare And Contrast High School And College Life

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The grand transition from high school to college is something like childhood to adulthood. Some things that one has experienced in high school will be the same in college, just a little more intense. For example, the classroom settings, coursework, associates, social life and grading scales may be a little more difficult for one to become immune to in the beginning. One should begin to prepare for the college life in their last high school days. The exceedingly life-changing progression of one’s life from high school to college life presents several major changes, yet preserves a slight comfort of immune of high school. High school and college are very similar, due to the fact that they are both preparing one for a career in the future.…show more content…
It may be a thrilling ride at first for some, but once one has really experienced the college life; one will wish upon a star to be a part of high school all over again. Many of the rules and basics of college are similar to college; they are just a little more advanced. College is very expensive and voluntary; although one can receive scholarships and have a free ride to attend any college of their choice. During the time at college, one learns a lot of responsibility from completing work on time to real-life situations. College classes may vary from small to large depending on the course class and whether one attends a community college or university; and one will most likely not take classes with his or her peers that came along to attend the same college. Instructors will tell the students or give a syllabus for everything that is required throughout that whole semester for a student to pass on to the next year or class, and it is up to the responsibility to keep a track on the due dates for the course’s work. While high school tells one what courses one will take, college is a place where courses are took upon what one will like to pursue their career in. Classes in college may only meet once or twice a week, time varying from thirty minutes to even three hours. Attendance in college is left upon the student. No one is going to call and check to see where one is at, that is
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