Compare And Contrast High School And College

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High School is the secondary school that is supposed to prepare you for a bigger step in your life, which is attending college, and have a further into your education, but does it actually prepare you for it? High school and college have so many differences. Such as college is far more expensive than high school, the work load is more challenging in college, and for social aspects high school has more of an advantage. High school in my opinion is more “sugar coating” the process you have ahead in life. Paying bills, being in debt, and doing everything on your own. I honestly believe that high school should be more involved in what you have to do as an adult such as paying taxes. High school should ease you into this process instead being hit…show more content…
College is hard and you face reality that you as a student and person have to learn on your own from that point. The workload of high school and college is different in many ways. In high school you have eight classes a day but a full time college student only has 4 classes. High school students usually have about 1-3 assignments that take up to an hour a week. For college students have about 3-4 assignments that take about 3 hours each a week. Each assignment for high school students worth an average 5- 20% to the final grade, as for college assignments it is worth 25- 50% to the final average grade. Whenever a student is showing their struggling and not performing how one should usually the high school teacher comes up to you and tries to assist, also if uncompleted work has not been turned in, usually the teacher keeps reminding you. As for professors they usually don’t remind you, it’s in requirement for you to be responsible for your work and to be completed. A student has to want to be there in order to work. In college attendance is requirement but enforced. If a student misses class in college it will just be hurting themselves on other hand in high school it’s requirement, and if not attended parent’s of the students have to call in to mark them absent and there’s certain amount of absences a…show more content…
Seeing that high school is a secondary school that is supposed to prepare you for college. Examples the cost of college and paying for tuition but high school is funded by the government, the workload difference for high school and college, and lastly the social aspects of high school and how it differs from college. High school should be more challenging and have more information how college is going to be like and how it’s going to be difficult and something to be taken

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