Compare And Contrast Henry David Thoreau And Chris Mccandless

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People in modern day society should learn from past transcendentalists and engage in the concept of solitude. Henry David Thoreau and Chris McCandless were both transcendentalists that believed in the key fundamental idea of solitude. Henry Thoreau was a transcendentalist that practiced the form of solitude throughout his life. Later in his life, he left society and moved into woods to be alone. Henry David Thoreau wrote a book called, Walden where he recalled important lessons and ideas that his master Ralph Waldo Emerson taught him about transcendentalism. Along with Thoreau, a more modern-day transcendentalist was known as Chris McCandless. McCandless journeyed to the wilderness in Alaska to be able to experience a minimal amount of human…show more content…
With the invention of phones being able to communicate easier with one another and the ability to make plans in order to meet up with friends, we as humans have become dependent on social interactions. As a junior in high school, a perfect specimen for craving social interaction I don’t see the big appeal of socialization. In my childhood, I did love hanging out with my friends, but as I matured throughout the years I began to clearly see that there is nothing special about it. As a perspiring college wrestler, I constantly train throughout the years to become the best I can be. I constantly prepare for the upcoming season to arrive. I plan on experiencing the thrill of walking out onto the mat with the crowd literally in hand reach for as long as possible. The sensation of being in the spotlight in front of everyone as the emotions of myself and the crowd reach into my heart. This is the feeling that I want to preserve. In order to keep this moment cherished my as long as possible, I must focus on the importance of wrestling and leave the interaction aside. Once in awhile, I will hang out with friends, but as of right now I have my priorities set. In addition, I love being alone. I can’t explain the sensation of being alone with oneself. It is not exactly thrilling nor happiness, it's more on the line of inter-connection with oneself. The sense of being alone in solitude is to find your thoughts and understand yourself on a deeper, more intimate level. People are fearful of being alone by themselves, they are scared of what magical views they might think of when left with your own thoughts. Even, by watching television or listening to music just being alone by yourself can go a long way. As a high schooler, I still want to talk to people, laugh with them and smile, but before all of that first, become seduced in the life of

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