Compare And Contrast Harry Potter Book And Book

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It seems like every year Hollywood does a motion picture interpretation of a novel and although the movie may become a box office hit, the novel will always be much more detailed and in depth. Movie producers and directors try to fit an entire book filled with the tiniest of details into approximately an hour and thirty minutes of entertainment, therefore are forced to cut out many important details. For instance, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” a children’s literature novel written by J.K. Rowling was transferred to the big screen in 2001. Though the movie stayed “…surprisingly faithful to the novel,” according to Roger Ebert, it still lacked some major details that contributed to building the magical world of “Harry Potter.” One…show more content…
Take Dumbledore for instance; in the book he is the lovable kooky head master, who has immense love for Harry. In contrast to the novel, he is quite serious. He is still loved by everyone surrounding him, but he is missing that extra wacky sense of humor the book gives him, and that we all have come to love. Fred and George are other characters who we do not get enough of color from the movie that is described in the book. Fred and George are the goofiest set of twins anyone has ever met. Whether it is playing pranks on friends, professors, or Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster himself; they are hardly in the entire movie. They bring a playfulness that no other class clown can bring, and that is lacking in the movie. Peeves the poltergeist is yet another character who was not done justice by the film; actually he wasn’t featured in the movie at all. Peeves brought a sense of playfulness to the book by pulling pranks on teachers and students alike. He caused ruckus and commotion on a daily basis and made trouble for anyone who crossed his path. When he would catch a student roaming the corridors of the school at night he would yell for help and caused the school caretaker to come running towards the noise. Once he had the caretaker’s attention he would then act as if nothing had ever happened, therefore infuriating the caretaker and making the reader